Beware of Notario fraud

Stop Notario Fraud

From the American Immigration Lawyers Association: “Many non-citizens find out that they will never get their green card or other immigration benefits because an unqualified immigration consultant or notario unlawfully working as an immigration lawyer destroyed their dreams.”

Notario fraud is a problem affecting the immigration community. A “notario” is not the same as an attorney. Notarios often advertise to help immigrants with the process of becoming a citizen. Non-citizens find out too late that the notario accepted their money but did not legally file applications for green cards or other immigration benefits.

Only a licensed attorney may submit applications to the office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Click here to watch a short video published by the American Immigration Lawyers Association about the dangers of notarios.

The Stop Notario Fraud website contains resources to help:

  • Help immigrants find competent and affordable legal service providers;
  • Help prevent immigrants from being victimized by notarios;
  • Provide resources for victims of notarios;
  • Provide information and resources for attorneys working with victims to remedy crimes committed by fraudulent consultants unlawfully practicing immigration law.

The Law Offices of KiKi M. Mosley can help non-citizens who are approached by a notario and answer any questions about the immigration process and why it is important to work with with a licensed attorney. To learn more about immigration law and news you can “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter. Additionally, you can find links to resources and news directly from our website.