American Immigration Council Executive Director, Ben Johnson, addresses House committee

A recent immigration news blog reported the oral testimony of Benjamin Johnson, Executive Director of the American Immigration Council before the House of Representatives, Committee of the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration and Boarder Security.[i] Johnson spoke about, “building a 21st century America: one that prospers and grows.” Growth and prosperity, according to many proponents of fair immigration reform, happens when a collective mix of people with a variety of backgrounds work together to create new jobs and a more effective workforce. “In other words, the quest for talent, and the role of immigrants as job creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators, is not an isolated enterprise. It is and should be an integral component of a broad based, comprehensive immigration reform,” Johnson said.

Johnson blames the current immigration system for preventing immigrant job creation. In 2010, he appeared on Fox News in a short debate on a study’s findings regarding the economic impact of immigration reform in the U.S.

Do you think it makes sense that America should welcome the smartest workforce with the best experience base? Most people will say yes to this question, but when you ask them if the smartest and most experienced workers should come from outside U.S. boarders, some say no. In his speech, Johnson addressed the concern that foreign-born workers will compete for U.S. citizens’ jobs. Not true according to Johnson, “…the overwhelming evidence finds that immigrants complement rather than compete with native born workers, and their presence in our workforce has a positive impact on the wages of all workers.” In his remarks to the committee, Johnson also talked about ‘skill gaps’ in many industries where there’s a great demand for high-skilled workers in knowledge-based economies where high-tech companies are founded immigrants.

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